Adult Education Forum

Sundays, 11:40 a.m. Fireside Room

Adult education forum is a place where church and community members seeks to addresses local, national and international issues that affect our community.  We believe that by becoming more aware of, and discussing, what is happening in our community, that we can be more compassionate to those around us and help to advocate for those in need. For upcoming adult forum topics please see The Call: St. John’s Church Newsletter. Childcare is available in the Ark Room.

Special Adult Forum:



Previous Adult Education Form Topics and Speakers:
  •  “Affordable Housing” by Greg Rising
  • “Voting Issues Panel” Hosted by David McPhail
  • “Digital Storytelling” Jen Nowicki Clark
  • “Indonesia and Three Generations of Women” by Author Lian Gouw
  • “A firsthand Report on the Middle Eastern Crisis” by Reese Erlich
  • “Prayer” by Pastor Karen Thistlethwaite
  • “A Safe Place: Addressing Teen and Adult Violence” by Reco Brembry
  • “Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare” by Tara Driscoll
  • “Immigration Issues and “Illegal People”” by Author David Bacon
  • “Sin, Hell & the Devil: Talk Back” by Pastor Max Lynn
  • “Reflections on the Global Economy” by Lynne Royer
  • California Interfaith Power and Light” by Greg Bedard
  • “Faith at Work” by Various Church and Community Members