Easter Sunday 4/1/18


We hope for a world where neighbors live in peace …
where the rich share with the poor,
where the strong protect the weak,
where with joy and love we all help each other thrive.


Easter Service for everyone

on Sunday, April 1, 2018 – 10am

Bring family and friends for a powerful celebration of the resurrection and salvation by grace.
After worship, join us for coffee and treats, and our Grand Easter Egg Hunt! (rain or shine)
All are welcome. Come as you are – God sees your heart, not your outfit.

“Is it possible, after 2,000+ years, to meet the Christ?
So much baggage has been piled onto this itinerant prophet who lived and proclaimed God’s love. Empire, colonization, patriarchy, pogroms, so called “followers” gone wild with self righteousness, convoluted theology, priestly abuse and scandal, somehow attached to the name of this simple man who stood for nothing but love and peace.

And then there is our own personal experience and thought: all we have been taught by our parents, Sunday schools teachers, pastors and culture, both positive and negative. And a layer below that is our self, our ambition, our lusts, our habits, deep pains and doubt, our fallibility, infinitude and sin. A lot of baggage! Enough to entomb anyone.

Yet there is still this Spirit, the still small voice, escaping from the tomb: He is not here. He is Risen and has gone ahead of you to Jerusalem, to Washington, to Berkeley. Even as I get older and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of life, our individual lives and social life, the world and history look more convoluted and intractable, the beauty of Christ looks all the more powerful. A Master with eternal, divine integrity. He continually shakes off the baggage we try to weight him down with, he will not stay put in that tomb. He comes to us and draws up forth into hope, into joy, into power, into life, into love.”

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Max