February 2017


Joyful Noise!
Good news” from — and for — the family of St. John’s

God’s mysterious ways may be hard to fathom about now, but faith in God’s love is still the source of our hope and peace — and inspiration to do what we can, from prayer to petition to protest. Or just attending to needs nearby.  These uplifting contributions sent in to The CALL surely attest to the small and larger miracles right under our noses, at our very feet.

•  The Women’s March in Oakland brought thousands out to protest the administration’s assault, in myriad forms, on human rights.  Justice has legs…  Proud to join marchers all over the country?  Better go buy good walking shoes!  (Marilyn Chilcote reports a particular delight she continues to enjoy at every opportunity — the pink pussycat cap knitted for her on the spur of the moment by Lisa Blamplied, a great surprise!)

•  A single string of phone calls to three St. John’s folks certainly lit up a rainy morning.
+ Jaye Pierce, concerned about a scary, debilitating health issue, learned that a vitamin deficiency was the root of the problem; relieved and helped, she is feeling much better…
+ Janice Wells, who has to move from her apartment by the end of February, is living meanwhile at Opal House in Oakland. She is very happy to be there (friends, fun, and they let her bring her cat). What’s more, she will soon be on her way to a new place of her own — which she expects to enjoy even more….
+ Sally Hussey, recovering from recent surgery, reported that her son Eric, whose own medical issues have been challenging, came to Berkeley over the holidays — a stay which began with s gift of guitar lessons and continues to offer unexpected, much needed blessings.

•  Seen on Twitter:  There is a group recruiting millennials to run for public office (local: school board, etc.).  So far, 1,200 have signed up!                                                        —Submitted by Lynne Royer

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.
Ps. 27:14